RFID Tags for tracking, property control and identification
RFID Hang Tags
RFID Tags for tracking, property control and identification

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RFID Hang Tags

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RFID Hang Tags are ideal for asset tracking applications on metal or non-metal surfaces that do not allow for attachment directly to the asset. The inlay is completely encapsulated within the tag protecting it from environmental conditions that could have an adverse effect on the performance and life of the RFID tag. Hang tags are attached to the asset using mechanical fasteners (i.e. plastic ties) rather than an adhesive.

Material: Standard material is polyolefin; total thickness is .032”. Optional materials include polypropylene, polyester and polycarbonate.

Standard Attachment: Various mechanical fasteners (i.e. plastic ties).

Construction: RFID inlay encapsulated between polyolefin

Styles: One-Color, Two-Color, Three-Color, Four-Color

Numbering Options:

  • No Numbers (Copy Only)
  • Serialized/Unserialized Numbers
  • Bar Code with Human Readable Numbers
  • RFID inlay programming included

Standard Production Time 15 work days

Standard Colors: black, red, yellow, green and blue (Custom colors available)

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